I'd like to say that my interests are pretty broad, but here is a list of areas in which I devote my attention. Just follow the links to find out more.


Movie Reel

I enjoy painting and (mainly) sketching, predominantly in styles that are either realistic or something along the lines of comicbook art. Recently I've also acquired a new interest in 3D graphics generation, offered by software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Blender.

I like written forms of art (not so much poetry, but more like screenplays for films). I did expose myself to a bit of screenwriting, but I guess you could say I'm still waiting for that single amazing movie plot idea to pop up in my mind in order to motivate me to sit down and write! It stems from my interest in watching movies, and assessing them for their moral, educational, and plot value.

And last but not least: Photography. I love shooting pictures that have the power to emotionally move the viewer.

I've included some of my art here:

  • Office Monkey - MS paint, 2009
Office Monkey

  • Meadows - Acrylic painting, 2002

  • Tribal Mask - Clay structure, 2002
Tribal Mask

  • Winter Swans - Watercolour painting, 2001
Winter Swans

  • Bluetiger - Watercolour painting, 2001
Blue Tiger

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