I'd like to say that my interests are pretty broad, but here is a list of areas in which I devote my attention. Just follow the links to find out more.

Science & Engineering

Silicon Wafers

I don't want to say that I have an exclusive interest in electrical and computer engineering, but it's definitely a prominent one. I enjoy learning and applying myself in areas of circuit design, semiconductor electronics, wireless communications, optoelectronics, display/touchscreen/camera devices, RFID, and robotics. On the software side of things, I love programming in a variety of languages. My strongest language changes over time (it all depends on what you're using most at any given time). Today it's C, MATLAB, and Javascript. I'm also pretty familiar with Java and PHP. In addition, I have plentiful of experience with web interface coding with HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as jQuery. On my spare time I'm actively trying to boost my abilities with the AngularJS framework and the node.js platform.

From the social science end of the spectrum, I enjoy learning about behavioural and cognitive psychology, which often times I find it useful and applicable in every day life.

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