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Welcome to! The newest #1 UFO and Aliens archive!
You will find out alot of information about UFOs and aliens! All the data in this website is 100% reliable! Ever wonder what an alien looks like? How someone can become abducted? Or why UFOs are mainly found around Area 51? Find your answers to those questions and more here!
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New Planet discovered
Nasa has just made a new discovery... a planet! The new planet, not given a name yet, orbits the star Eclinoid. This new planet is the closest planet to us right now that is outside of our solar system. The new planet is around 10.2 light years away! If you don't know what a light year is... refer to the general knowledge section on our website.

UFOalienet eCommerce!

The updated launch of ETastro has been announced! The new ETastro is going to have eCommerce capabilities which will make ETastro an interactive website. Aliens and UFOs are just the beginning steps of this website. We have high hopes for this website!

Flash 5 means power!
Macromedia Flash 4 will allow the ETeam to make interactively graphical webpages! With the power of Flash 4, we will be able to make online games and activities. You can only view flash webpages with the help of a Macromedia Flash Plugin. Download the plugin now to prepare yourself for ETastro games and activities and much, much more.

Meet the UFOteam!
This website is managed by the UFOteam. The UFOteam consists of Louis Mejia who is the alien fanatic that writes up most of the data that this site is comprised of. And Jan Markowski, who is the designer of UFOteam. Both of us are working really hard to meet your expectations. You can contact us at

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