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Abductions (being kidnapped by alien beings) also known as encounters of the fourth kind, is very popular and probably the most feared of the encounters.

It usually starts off as a UFO sighting. Then, a chain of events follow in which the aliens take the human(s) aboard their craft either forcefully, or harmlessly. On board, the abductees (those who have been abducted) have been known to have been studyed by the aliens using medical equiptment far more advanced than those used by modern doctors. But Sometimes, the aliens are generous enough to give humans special knowledge of astronomy, like showing them unique star charts.

After studying them for a while, they are released and put back where they first got them from, and the abductees usually forget most of what happened until they are treated with Hypnosis. The events that occurred seem to only have lasted some minutes, but later they realize that several hours have been taken up while they were abducted.

The ways that the aliens treat humans in their custody are extreme, some abductees have returned with no psycological problems and have no problem telling the public what happened to them. But some people have been traumitized by the experience and have claimed that the alien beings treated them in cruel ways such as jabbing them with long needles and by, believe it or not, sexually abusing them.

But however the case went, this new phenomena needs a solid explanation and not just stories of abductees only offering prof of the experience through hypnosis.

Below are some cases of abductions:

The Story of Betty and Barney Hill:
Betty and Barney Hill are a couple from New Hamshire, they were abducted in September the 19th of 1961. Their story is simular to the common abduction stories. It started off as a UFO sighting while the couple were driving back to their house from a trip in Canada. Then they passed close to an alien spacecraft at about 11:00 p.m. They saw the UFO through the windshield. Then, they realized that the UFO seemed to follow their car. Barney stopped to observe it through his binoculars. The craft got closer and shut down a blanket of light at them. Betty got scared, and begged Barney to leave. So they got back in the car, and right before they began to drive off, their car started to vibrate. They blanked out before they realized what the problem was. When they recovered, the car was motionless. They looked around in shock to discover that they were far from where they saw the UFO and that two hours had passed from when they blanked out. From then on, nightmares began to haunt the couple. So they went to see Dr Benjamin Simon, a psychologist in Boston. He treated the pair with Hypnosis. The Hills recalled being abducted by aliens who subjected the pair to many medical examinations.

Shot by a Ray of Light:
On November 5th of 1975, a woodcutting group saw a glowing UFO up ahead. One of the men, Travis Walton, ran up to the flying craft. The crew behind him witnessed him being taken up into the air by a ray of light. The group ran away in panic and Travis was gone and missing for at least 6 days. He reappeared telling an extraordinary tale. He was taken aboard the craft and he had tried to escape. He blanked out and woke up to see the flying craft launching away above his head.

Biblical Abduction?:
In about 592 bc, a biblical prophet named Ezekiel describes seeing "a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually". He saw the flying craft come down from the sky and land on the bank of Chebar River where he was taken inside the craft and flown to the Tel Aviv Mountains. He also explains that he saw 4 odd looking beings each with legs and wings and 4 faces. Many researchers think that Ezekiel may have been refering to an alien spaceship and its alien beings. The full description of this story is found in the Bible in Ezekiel chapter 1.

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