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The Men in Black
The Men in Black are people from earth that are dressed in black tuxedos. The Men in Black were first seen in 1978 by someone from Texas. This man described them as 6', black dressed, with black shades. The Men in Black's purpose is supposedly to defragment anyones memory who has witnessed an alien. Who would have known that these kind of conspiracies would arise within our generation? back to top

Area 51 and the Roswell Incident
Area 51 is the most popular area in America when it comes to aliens and UFOs. The famous Roswell incident occured in Area 51. The Roswell incident involves the supposed crash of a UFO that bystanders and the army witnessed and were both surprised. After the military covered up the UFO, they denied all knowledge of any UFO that was within the American skies. At what cost would the government admit of their testing and discovery? There is evidence of many UFOs sighted at Area 51. Could the military by any chance be testing the UFO that crash landed back in 1956? There are so many questions, yet there are people that know the answers to these very questions, but they refuse to confess them. We may never know the real truth. The truth is not exposed, it is blinded before us. back to top

Roswell Autopsy
The Roswell Autopsy was one of the most well played hoaxes. For instances, people nation wide thought that a government ex-worker had finally revealed for the first time that an actually alien autopsy took place within Area 51. One who was involved in the making of the tape confessed that it was a hoax. Although this was a hoax, there still stirs a gut feeling that an alien was found aboard the UFO. back to top

Stone Henge
One of the most ancient artifacts known to mankind belong to stone henge. A mysterious circle of immensely sized stones are placed in a way as to greet great beings from the heavens. Scientists explain also how stone hendge could also have been made to keep track of the stars as an ancient observatory. During a leap year, on the extra day in febuary, they have discovered that the sun sets in such a way as to make direct sun rays pass through a hole in one of the rocks. Stone henge is a mystery that will probably never be unravelled. But new discoveries are made every day. back to top

Egyptian Pyramids
The egyptian pyramids in northeast of africa boggle even the most educated minds. Even with todays technology, it would be extremely difficult to build just one pyramid, let alone three pyramids and a sphinx. The sphinx was built to honour the cats. And the three pyramids were built upon such a position as to align with Orions belt, which is a constellation. Another theory states that aliens built the pyramids as a gift from the aliens to us. Edward Casey, a famous prophet, phrophesized that the answers to all the questions lie beneath the paws of the sphinx, where current archealogists are trying to weave there. back to top

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