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Crop Circles
Crop circles are also very popular sightings that occur throughout the world. The first case of a crop circle sighting was found in England in the year 1980, which were only simple circles of flat grain. Since then, crop circles have become alot more complex such as the ones below. Some argue that crop circles could not have been the cause of natural occurences such as whirlwinds, so they suggest that they were made by intelligent beings from other worlds who are trying to communicate with us in this unique way.

Crop Circle case 1 Crop Circle case 2 Crop Circle case 3 Crop Circle case 4 Crop Circle case 5
Crop Circle case 6 Crop Circle case 7

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Crop circles are a powerful and new phenomena that is challenging Scientists, Artists and researchers and ufology amateurs with about it's origin, it's secret knowledge that it may possess and it`s purpose such as why they are here in the first place. It's also facing those who study them with questions like: "Are these images and circles just simple hoaxes?", "Some kind of coincidence maybe?", or "Are they being made by alien visiters from other worlds who are using forces which are not known to us?" These are strong questions that may never be answered.

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