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Modern Sightings

The sightings of UFOs are very common nowadays just like they were in the late 40's and 50's. People all around the globe still continue to report weird lights and strange crafts that they cannot explain.

Today, spacecrafts have been seen and are being seen. Some that are small and appear to be harmless, and some that are big with complicated shapes that appear to do harm. UFOs appear in many places too. They show up out on farm fields, out in the parks, and even over big cities like mexico city, although sometimes only a few witnesses claim to see them, dispite the large population of the city.

Recent sightings are so common that it seems as though people of all careers experience a UFO sighting, even astronauts have claimed to have noticed strange lights in space that they are unable to explain.

Below are some cases of modern sightings:

Discovery's Strange Discovery:
During space shuttle Discovery`s flight of 1988, an unofficial radio operator said that he heard an unusual but interesting radio transmission from the shuttle. It stated that the crew aboard had seen an extraterrestrial spaceship. This case got some public attention, but later, it was denied by NASA.

Craft in the Clouds:
A man by the name of Mark Lloyd saw a UFO in the clouds close to Manchester, UK, on January 6th of 1995. He explained the appearance of the large craft to a computer graphics professional who created a picture. The results showed that the same UFO craft was seen by two air line pilots.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident:
This case of a UFO event is by far, one of the most important UFO sightings of the 80`s. This took place close to an american air force base in Suffolk, UK. On December 27 of 1980, several guards went to investigate some weird lights in Rendlesham forest, close to RAF woodbridge. They said that they saw a glowing flying craft that was hovering over the trees. Suddenly, a great white light coming from the craft lit up the forest! Then, they saw an unusual red light, which broke up into about five white objects before vanishing. Marks of the craft were seen on the ground and readings of radiation were also taken. This incident was actually admitted by the air force about a year later.

A Ring of Lights:
In between the years of 1982 to 1987, over 5,000 people reported that they saw a UFO along Hudson Valley in the state of Massachusetts. The reports were of three different shapes of objects. One was a triangular shape, a circular shape, and a boomerang shaped craft. Finally on June 11th of 1987, a circular UFO was photographed. It is a dark circle surrounded by a ring of different colors of lights.

The Bright Lights above Brazil:
No place else in the world has more UFO cases than Brazil. On May 9th,1984, an anonomous person photographed a big shiny object(or craft) above a busy city called Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Somerset Saucer:
A man by the name of Jeremy Johnson witnessed what he described as a "round white object" in Somerset, UK in 1992. He claimed that is was much too bright and too close to be a star or planet. It disappeared when he attempted to take a picture of it. But a saucer shape is seen at the corner of the picture that he took.

The Belgian Triangles:
During the night of March the 30th of 1990, the Belgian Air Force was received with 2,700 cases of UFO`s wth the shapes of triangles. In the reports, the triangular UFO's are described as having a bright light at each corner and usually a big light in the middle. The crafts have been seen to hover around or fly slowly, maybe at a speed of 25mph (40 km/h), and then they "shoot" off all of a sudden at speeds lke 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h).

You don't see it, now you do:
A man by the name of Peregrine Mendoza took a picture of a museum called "Museum of the Horse" in New Mexico on January of 1996. At this moment, there was no weird shape in the sky above. But when the picture was developed, a strange craft-like object appeared in the sky on that picture.

Belleville Sighting:
This cigar-shaped craft was seen several times in Belleville Wisconsin in 1987. Many UFO sightings did take place during this time and several people from different places have claimed to have seen this specific sighting. Even the Illinois Air Traffic Control also picked up a simular object at the same place and time.

The Charleston Sighting:
At 5:30pm, on April 4th of 1980, a man by the name of William J. Herrmann who is a local car mechanic witnessed and then photographed this silver disc-shaped craft flying queer movements through the air close to Charleston Air Force Base.

The Portland Sighting:
Five pictures of this UFO was taken by several teens in Portland, Oregon sometime on the spring of 1992. The teens were later intimidated by the local officials who were trying to stop their investigation of this phenomenon. Fortunatly though, one of those teens had the guts to send the pictures to a man by the name of Anthony Dodd, who is a retired police detective in Great Britain, as well as a UFO amateur.

Sighting at Rio de Janeiro:
At Rio de Janiero(capitol), Brazil on March of 1989 at around 5:00pm, an anonymous witness saw and took a picture of this dark object flying very fast through the sky as broken clouds reflected the afternoon sun. The picture is courtesy of Irini Granchi through A.J. Gervaerd and UFOLOGIA.

Sighting at Puebla Mexica:
At Puebla, Mexico in December the 8th, of 1992 during the noon, an anonymous person in a vehicle, saw and took a picture of this weird UFO right out the vehicle's window. This case happened at the time of the height of the Mexican UFO craze in 1992.

Sighting at Paranza Brazil:
During the midday at Parana, Brazil on the summer of 1990, a witness saw and took a picture of this queer-looking flying craft with weird colors. This craft looks alot like a fried egg turned upside-down.

Another Charleston Sighting:
This is another UFO that was witnessed by Bill Herman. In this case he was standing on a field as this craft hovered and wobbled around it's vertical axis. This craft was about 40 feet in diameter. This same craft made a "buzzing" sound at another time.

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