Week One to Five Logs :

Week One Log
  • Researched construction of hovercraft and developed project proposal.

  • Completed project proposal
  • .
  • Researched into workings of the Linux
  • Operating system.
  • Went to a local hardware store and searched for the parts and pieces required for the construction of the hovercraft. Learned difference between pink foam and foam board.

  • Encountered problems initially trying to install the Slackware Linux distribution on the computer. Problem was found to be in the root disk, which is required to properly load the Linux environment. This problem was resolved by simply rebooting the free machine with CD-ROM support and begin reading directly from the CD for installation.

  • Attempted to install the LegOS.

  • Purchased foam board, nuts, bots, and screws.

Week Two Log

Week Three Log

Week Four Log


Week Five Log