Why we chose to build a hovercraft:

We chose to build a hovercraft because we wanted to do something challenging and unconventional. This way we could incorporate various aspects that we had learned throughout the year, such as electrical wiring, structure construction, and Lego interfacing.

What language we decided to use to program with:

For our programming language we originally chose to use LegOS on the Linux OS, but that was needlessly difficult and problematic. Once we scratched that idea, we decided to use LejOS. This made things much easier. We encountered no further serious problems.

What were our expectations:

We wanted to build a basic platform that would be able to defeat gravity and lift from the ground. In order to achieve this, we planned to use a lift motor and and fill a bag with air underneath the body.

How did we exceed expectations?:

In the end, we accomplished far more than we anticipated. With our final design the OmniKraft was not only able to lift, but also skim forward and turn in both directions. Overall, it was a total success despite the many problems that arose during the construction stage.