• Main class handles full screening- Main.java

  • Server socket class - HostConnection.java
    Client socket class - RequestConnection.java
    JOSH FILL THIS IN- Mover.java
    Stores the attributed parameters for each unit- Attributes.java
    JOSH FILL THIS IN - Types.java
    Points to all the images in the directory and preloads - Images.java

  • This class extends canvas to allow for graphic painting - Screen.java
    Performs event handled clicking actions - ClickEvent class
    Performs event handled keyboard actions - TypeEvent class
    Controls the primary gameflow of data transmission and game - Cycles class
    A thread controlling the duration of the MessageDisplayer - MessageContainer class
    Displays a message to the receiving player - MessageDisplayer class
    Shows the loading graphic for loading the images - PlayingLoading class
    Handles parameters and attributes of individually threaded units - Unit class
  • Other required source file - Location.java