What initial ideas have we brainstormed:
-Online Interactive Site
-Online RPG
-Java Instant Messenger: Chat with people across the internet.
-Online Game Forum: you can play traditional games with players from around the world.
-Web Server: java application which allows for hosting websites
-Real-Time Strategy Game

What we chose and why:
We chose to do the Real Time Strategy game. We feel that it will be sufficiently challenging for both of us, while at the same time fun to program. The real-time strategy game will force us to make use of efficient thread programming along with networking. This game would keep us sufficiently busy. This game would allow us to touch on many fields such as threads, networking, file manipulation, developing protocols, graphics manipulation, advanced thread event handling, preloading, and in general: game programming. This idea combined some of the vital aspects of all our other brainstormed ideas.

What were our expectations:
Our expectations consisted of having a completely functioning game whereby any user can connect with a peer to have a virtual battle which uses some of the key aspects of strategy.

What were our constraints:
While programming, we wanted to have a fast reliable game, and speed is an obvious issue. The game must have a very fast and stable network connection, and both of the networked computers should have about the same parameters. Maximum CPU speed recommended.