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A new site born!! -11/04/99-7:02pmEST-Protocell
A new site has been created as of today! This site has only one staff member which is me, Protocell, which is not my real name. No names shall be posted on this site, only nicks. Nothing is working right now, so, be patient. Lots of things will be updated!

Cheats section completed -02/07/99-4:23pmEST-Protocell
I managed to finish the cheats section of this site. I'm sorry that I couldn't update this place earlier(stuff was happening). I'll update more often.

More completed -02/09/99-10:30pmEST-Protocell
I have put some effort into the pics, links, and species sections. So now no white screen will appear. I have finished the Pictures section for now... Until I can get a hold of more pictures, then there will be a galleria. I don't want to go overboard on the amount of pics per I will put pg. numbers at the bottom right part of the screen(6 pics/page)

New stuff... -12/07/99-3:47pmEST-Protocell
I am going to add more wierd stuff to this page. I changed the pic which is now StarCraft Database. It was made by my friend, "Delirium", I won't say his real name. I might get him to change it just a bit, but he's on "vacation"(camp). I don't want to trouble him to much, soI might leave it as well....

Time to get off my butt and do something... -13/07/99-7:38pmEST-Protocell
My next priority for this site is going to the easy links section which will be a fairly easy task to accomplish. Boom! Boom! Splat a bunch of SC sites together and there we go! But that's not what I'm afraid of... It's the Species section which I am gonna hafta put all this time and effort in to it! It's gonna include strategies, general tips, and maybe a unit profile... 'Till then, be platient!

Hotmail Access!!! -07/10/99-12:07amEST-Protocell
I have finally managed to get off my ass and do something on this website. I've added an enability to access your hotmail through this website. I am gonna work my ass off for this site really soon.

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