What is wiiBoardJ?

wiiBoardJ is a very simple, open-source (free), java-programmed whiteboard program that uses the wii-remote. Since it's java-driven,wiiBoardJ may be used in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

I programmed it to demonstrate a working wiimote whiteboard in java (a different flavour of Johnny Lee's wii whiteboard programmed in C#) without all the superfluous code and libraries that exist in other java wiimote whiteboards.

wiiBoardJ is simple, and it works.

Why a wii-remote whiteboard?

Whiteboards that use wii remotes are popular because they are extremely cheap compared to commercial alternatives. The total cost of a wii remote whiteboard is typically $80, assuming you have no bluetooth support, no wii-remote, and no infrared pen. Meanwhile, commercial interactive whiteboard systems may cost thousands of dollars.

What you need

  1. Computer with Bluetooth adapter - allows you to connect the wii remote to your computer via bluetooth. (~$25 for an external Bluetooth USB dongle)
  2. Java Virtual Machine - allows you to run *.class files using the 'java' command via command prompt/shell. If you don't have this, you may download java now. (free)
  3. Infrared Pen - something that emits infrared light for the wii remote to detect. You can build one or simply use a yellow-light flashlight. (~$8)
  4. Wii remote. (~$45)
  5. Wiimote Whiteboard Software! (i.e. wiiBoardJ) (free)




Jan Markowski (http://jan.markowski.ca)